Case Studies Type: Claims Solutions

Motor engineering evidence dismissed in grossly exaggerated credit hire claim

In the recent case of Sameer v Marsal, defended by our legal solutions, Keoghs partner Damian Ward, an Evans Harding engineer was described as an ‘unimpressive’ witness and his report was shown to be materially wrong and its findings rejected following our engineering team’s investigation into the damage.  

Written by on 9th Aug 2021

FRAUD INSIGHT: After the event…

A claim was submitted by a policyholder with respect to a burglary allegedly discovered on the morning of Thursday, 28 November 2019 in the region of £20,000.00 – £30,000.00.

Written by on 20th Oct 2020

Collision fraud investigation

When a large UK insurer was faced with an £86,000 claim after a collision between a scooter and a Range Rover, we were instructed to investigate its legitimacy.

Written by on 4th Aug 2020

Fire investigation

After a luxury 4×4 vehicle valued at £46,450 caught fire shortly after being collected from the franchised dealership, a top UK insurer asked us to investigate the cause.

Written by on 4th Aug 2020

Large loss collision reconstruction

We provided a collision reconstruction for a large UK insurer and their law firm that used three-dimensional laser scans to recreate the visibility afforded to a driver by his headlights after he was involved in a collision during the hours of darkness.

Written by on 31st Jul 2020

Reducing third party claims costs

We worked with a leading UK wide haulier who needed to significantly reduce third party claims costs, repair and downtime as part of a joint risk management proposition.

Written by on 10th Jun 2020