Long term partnership based on trust with common goals brings improved underwriting performance

  • 3+ year partnership

  • 10,000+ detailed inspections and accurate reports completed

  • Geographic partnership expansion with steady claims volumes

“We certainly appreciate the partnership and it’s been great to see so many quality claim resolutions.”

How we helped

We implemented new report templates, guidelines and goals for a leading US insurer that have been used over the past 3 years to support our client’s underwriting success.

We have been providing quality reports with detailed information about the loss. An itemized estimate within our Xactimate estimating program shows deprecation, deductibles and sub limits to provide a detailed and easy to follow estimate of damages.

The estimate and report are supported by clear, detailed and labelled photos of damages. Once the report is complete it is reviewed for accuracy and completeness before it is submitted to the insurer’s examiner. This component is the key factor that has provided a quality product to the client that is detail oriented and accurate – creating longevity. This eliminates additional work or phone calls by the insurer examiner to gather information to process the claim.


The difference between what we provide within this program and what our competitors offer is the trust and relationship we have established with the insurer’s examiners. We provide daily one on one conversation and discussion at their leisure for all claims. Our goals are aligned to ensure we are working together to achieve excellence.

Data from within our claims administration platform, FACTS show the growth the program has had over the last year. We have expanded our support geographically through the years, and our claims volumes has remained steady with increased volumes following storms.

For more information on claims and underwriting for your business, please contact our Head of Adjusting & Innovation, Tyson Ware.

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