Adjuster’s thorough investigation results in complete withdrawal of claim

  • Our extensive knowledge based research enabled us to identify discrepancies in the contractor’s proposed costs.

  • Despite initial resistance, we were able to obtain all the necessary documentation to validate our conclusions.

  • The third-party contractor withdrew their claim in its entirety.


After a cast iron lamp column was damaged, our client asked us to validate claimed repair costs of £42,751.51, a sum that seemed excessive.

Information relating to the works that was provided in answer to our requests was vague and did not include what we regarded as key information.

How we helped

We continued asking detailed questions pertaining to the works and the costs claimed. It took some time, but eventually our persistence paid off and the other side provided more detailed information regarding the repair works.

After reviewing the evidence, we determined that the iron lamp column had not been renewed; instead, a modern steel lamp column had been put in its place, a much cheaper solution.

There were also inconsistencies with the costs for the repairs and evidence of costs was not as complete as it should have been.


We pressed the claimants on the issues of concern, making it clear progress could only be made once full information was disclosed. After a period of further negotiations, the other side withdrew their claim entirely.

This represented a 100% saving for our clients in relation to a claim which was originally presented at £42,751.71.

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