Our thorough investigation saved legal costs in discontinued slip and fall claim

  • Denial of liability based on inconsistencies

  • Claim discontinued one week prior to trial


The claimant alleged a muscle injury to the right arm and shoulder from slipping on a spillage while walking up a flight of stairs in Croydon, with no warning signs in place. However, after conducting investigations into liability, several inconsistencies emerged from the claimant’s account of the incident. These inconsistencies ranged from how the accident occurred, to the specific location on the stairs where it happened.

How we helped

Despite denying liability and the inconsistencies in the claimant’s story, their solicitor proceeded to obtain medical evidence and initiating litigation. As representatives of the defendant, we strongly denied liability based on these inconsistencies, and asserted that a proper cleaning regime was in place, suggesting that they had not breached their reasonable duty of care.

Our client considered the combination of evidence compiled in our report and the inconsistencies in the claimant’s story to be a strong defence.


Ultimately, the claim was discontinued by the claimant’s solicitor just one week before the trial. This was a great outcome for us, as it saved legal costs and potential damages, while avoiding a court case for our client.

The result we achieved highlights the importance of thorough investigation and keeping witnesses updated throughout the process.

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