Legal Solutions

Corporate and Sector Risks

Delivering tailored claims solutions and trusted sector expertise.

Our practice specialises in handling incidents, claims, and legal services for major UK global, UK-listed and private entities. We also work with SME/mid-market companies, not-for-profit organisations, and the public sector. Operating across all major classes, our lawyer-led, single-source solution reduces the total cost of risk through sector and industry specialisms. That’s why we are trusted to protect the financial and reputational interests of many best-known and cherished brands.

We integrate with and align to a variety of operating models and risk management insurance programmes. We provide quality claims handling, data insight, and an understanding of incident and claims behaviours.

As the leading provider of claims and legal services in this global self-retained market, what sets us apart is our people, passion, commitment and results for our clients. We are uniquely placed to provide premier relationship management along with tailored MI and business intelligence. This, combined with unrivalled sector insight, innovative processes and claims risk initiatives is what makes us the provider of choice.


Andrew Evans - Head of Corporate and Sector Risks

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