Excellent communication & negotiation saves insurer $17,000

  • Loss of $25,000 on car by uninsured driver

  • Our adjuster’s excellent communications resulted in a quick settlement

  • Delivered saving of $17,000


Our insured’s vehicle, a 2018 Audi, had been struck whilst parked and unoccupied causing damage worth almost $25,000.  Thankfully, the responsible party had left a note admitting responsibility on the insured vehicle – and our adjuster reached out to agree settlement.

How we helped

Unfortunately, the responsible party’s insurance policy had lapsed during the pandemic, and therefore was not insured on the date of the loss. To reach the best possible solution for our insurer and the insured our adjuster established a good channel of communication with the at fault party. After several discussions back and forth we reached an agreement with the at fault party. He agreed to pay $17,000 up front for full and final settlement of the claim.


We accepted the $17,000 offer on condition payment was sent via money order or cashier’s check. The alternative would have been to agree a payment plan over five years, where the faulty party paid $300 per month. We received payment in less than a week and the insured was promptly reimbursed their pro rata portion of their deductible.

For more information, please contact Kyle Streetman, Vice President.

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