Leveraging our expertise for fair settlement in bridge parapet repair

  • Settlement achieved

  • Significant reduction in claim


In a case involving repairs to a bridge parapet, the local council submitted an invoice totalling £43,115 due to damage incurred. However, upon reviewing the documentation provided by our team, we found the claim to be excessive for the actual damages reported. Our team raised concerns with the council regarding the non-visual defects they had cited, which were not noted in the adjuster’s report.

How we helped

Negotiations ensued, during which our Senior Adjuster utilised his extensive experience and expertise in the field, having previously worked on similar cases and possessing comprehensive knowledge of vehicle restraint systems (VRS) damage. His familiarity with repair protocols and his practical experience allowed him to effectively challenge the validity of the council’s claims.

It was determined that certain repairs were unnecessary and that the presence of non-visual defects was unsubstantiated. As a result of his thorough assessment and persuasive arguments, a settlement of £24,777.99 was reached, more than a 40% decrease from the initial claim.

Our team’s background in both practical application and supervisory roles within the industry provided invaluable insights and enabled a favourable outcome in the negotiation process. Their ability to discern the validity of claims and effectively advocate for a fair resolution underscores the importance of experience and expertise in claims assessment and negotiation.

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