Delivering Excellent Workers’ Compensation and P&C Claim Programs Improved WC Claim Closure Rate

  • 37% Reduction in WC Medical Only Claims Duration

  • 32% Reduction in WC Lost Time Claims Duration

  • 61% Reduction in Casualty Claims Duration

  • 82% Reduction in Property Claims Duration

  • Improved WC Claim Closure Rate

  • Improved P&C Claim Closure Rate:
    85% average P&C claims closure continues to close higher over a five-year period.

“The Pike County Board of Education has nearly
two-thousand employees. Davies Claims Solutions
provides without hesitation quality services to the
PCBOE. Bill Bevins is a professional, knowledgeable
claims adjuster. He is readily accessible and provides
thorough assistance in each of the claims we have.
I recommend Davies Claims Solutions for anyone
considering a claims solutions provider.”

– Randy Roberts,
Personnel Director

How We Helped:

Pike County School District (PCS) is a rural school district that serves K-12 students in eastern Kentucky. The district is home to public educational facilities administered by PCS, including elementary, middle, and high schools, day treatment centers, and a learning academy. Davies’ senior multi-line claim adjuster administers PCS’ workers’ compensation, auto, and general liability claims. It was essential to PCS to partner with a TPA that offered a local office with a proven relationship with other businesses in the area.

The Results:

Davies administers approximately 125 active claims for PCS. Since 2003, we have continually improved their workers’ compensation and P&C claim programs while delivering exceptional claim outcomes: from a consistent decrease in claims duration to increased claim closures. The results speak for themselves.

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