Saving insurer more than £10,000 by challenging contractor invoice

  • Contractor invoice seem excessively high after a motorist loses control and damages central reservation barrier during routine road work

  • A closer look at the invoice shows approximately £10,000 for traffic management charges

  • Original invoice of £15,440.55 was reduced to £5,146 after we contested the traffic management charges – saving the insurer more than £10,000


During routine road maintenance work, a motorist lost control of their car, went through the cones and hit the central reservation barrier.

Following the impact, the materials sheet provided by the contractors demonstrated that as a result of impact it had been necessary to replace major components, three 3.2m corrugated beams and four posts. The contractor’s original invoice was for £15,440.55.

The invoice appeared excessive based on the minimal materials used. The build-up of costs provided by the highway maintenance contractors showed that traffic management charges accounted for approximately £10k of the invoice. Traffic management drawings showed that closures either side of the central reservation were 3.5km in length, whereas typically the length of closure required for repair is 0.5km.

How we helped

We established that the closures were already in place on the night of the accident for routine maintenance works; the motorist had lost control, his car had gone through the cones and had impacted the central reservation barrier, which was repaired the same night.


We contested the invoice amount, as there shouldn’t have been any traffic management charges. This was accepted by the contractor, who revised their invoice to an amount of £5,146.

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