Legal Solutions


Legal Solutions has been successfully defending casualty claims for over 50 years.

Working with both employers’ liability and public liability claims, against a wide variety of commercial organisations, our dedicated team of casualty experts handle thousands of cases every year. We service almost all the top ten insurers, as well as a significant number of other self-insureds and loss adjusters. We also have a number of AI-driven services that are truly changing the way casualty claims are handled, delivering significant efficiency and cost savings for our clients.

Many of the major players in the commercial casualty claims market have entrusted Keoghs with their claims handling for decades on both delegated and non-delegated models, exemplifying our highly valued expertise and profile in the market. From counter-fraud to complex injury claims, we offer simple, practical and technically sound advice, tailored to your needs and requirements, while never forgetting your claims handling philosophy.


Daniel Elder - Head of Casualty

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