Denying liability after examining contradictory CCTV evidence in trip and fall case

  • Denial of liability

  • Case is prepared for closure


A claim was made by an individual who allegedly tripped and fell in an accident while walking along a landing area on our client’s property. The claimant alleged that their walking stick became entangled in damaged red and white floor tape, allegedly losing their balance and subsequently falling onto their knees and elbows. The claimant reported injuries to their knees, elbow, and wrist as a result of the accident.

How we helped

We conducted thorough investigations, including a review of CCTV footage, to determine the accuracy of the claim. Contrary to the claimant’s account, the CCTV footage revealed no evidence of damaged floor tape or any impact of damaged tape on the trip. Instead, it showed that the claimant tripped over their own feet.

Based on the evidence gathered, we recommended that our client deny liability. The decision was made on the grounds that the accident did not occur as alleged by the claimant. Furthermore, we raised great doubt regarding the accuracy of the claimant’s allegations.

Our defence strategy relied on the strength of the evidence gathered, including incident reports, investigation findings, and the compelling CCTV footage. The decision to deny liability is reinforced by the confidence in our ability to counter the claim effectively.

This case highlights the importance of thorough investigation and evidence gathering in assessing liability claims. In this instance, the use of CCTV footage played a crucial role in uncovering discrepancies between the claimant’s account and the actual events, therefore enabling the client to defend against the claim with confidence.

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