Timely & empathetic service delights wife of customer with high blood pressure

  • Customer admitted to hospital on weekend following issues with high blood pressure

  • Our advisor delivered empathetic and timely service

  • Customer & wife delighted by the excellent service

“Rachel has been so helpful in navigating this situation and answering our questions along the way. She has been very responsive, understanding, and pleasant during this stressful time, and I appreciate it more than she will ever know. Knowing she is working behind the scenes to clear up any billing issues, assuring my husband has timely approval of physician visits and diagnostic testing, and promptly getting IOD prescription card to us are just a few examples of her attention to detail and empathy extended to us. I have no doubt she is simultaneously managing multiple cases; however, her attentiveness and availability to happily discuss or work through any of our questions or concerns has made us feel as if he is her only one and that he truly matters!” – Customer’s wife

How we helped

When a customer was having issues with his high blood pressure, he presented to the emergency room in the hospital on a Sunday. The customer’s biggest concern was that no one had authorized the hospital visit with the injury on duty (IOD) and he wanted to follow the rules.

When he contacted our claims team on the following Monday morning, our advisor was understanding of the difficult situation and ensured the customer that going to the hospital in the weekend absolutely was the right thing to do. Our adjuster then reopened his file, corrected the billing for the treatment he received on the weekend and provided authorization for him to resume treatment with his cardiologist, and helped him get his prescribed medications.


Our advisor completed all tasks quickly to ensure timely bookings with medical experts and to ensure the customer had access to his medication. Through the process our advisor kept the customer up to date with all progress and delivered an empathetic service to ensure his focus and time was spent recovering. The excellent service was very well received by both the customer and his wife who have expressed their gratitude.

For more information, please contact Glenn Backus, Chief Business Development Officer.

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