By challenging a builder’s excessive quote, we saved the insurer more than £12,000

  • A quote to repair a third-party property seemed excessively high at £13,875

  • Investigations uncovered that the repair company appeared to be dormant

  • We sourced a local builder who charged £1,270 – a saving of more than £12,000


A motorist impacted a property in North Wales. Following the collision, we were appointed to deal with the third-party claim from the motor insurers. The owner of the property had been quoted £13,875 to have the damage repaired.

How we helped

It was evident from the photos that the quote was excessively high. We endeavoured to contact the builder, but his mobile number had been deactivated. A check with Companies House revealed that the firm, formed in 2015, had been given three strike-off notices; so, the company appeared to be dormant. The circumstances raised obvious concerns however, the property owner advised he had approached a local builder who had been recommended and had simply passed on the estimate provided to him. Enquiries did not uncover any evidence to contradict his position so we sourced a quote from a local contractor, which amounted to £1,270 and settled the claim on that basis.


We were able to determine that the original quote was excessive, and by sourcing a local contractor to complete the work, we saved our client over £12,000.

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