Forensic engineering investigation saves insurer £7,500 in farm machinery claim

  • Claimant alleged damage to farm machinery was caused by falling hay bales

  • Forensic investigation revealed that the damage had been caused by wear and tear

  • Client was found to not be liable and was able to refute the claim worth £7,500

How we helped

Our client had received a claim for damage to farm machinery, a Fraser slurry FV9000 tanker which the owner reported was damaged by falling hay bales.

After viewing the images of the damaged vehicle which the client had sent us, one of our engineers expressed concerns with the claim and that the machinery would need to be forensically examined to be conclusive.

Following our engineer, Mr Trivett’s two hour inspection, he produced a report which explained the condition of the machine, the mechanism of failure, and why the failure had not occurred in the way that the insured had described.  The report showed that although the hay bales may have fallen onto the tanker, the main damage had been caused by wear and tear – therefore had not occurred how the claimant had stated.


Thanks to our engineer’s exceptional job in investigating, researching, and presenting his findings to the client, our client was found to not be liable and was able to repudiate the claim with a saving of £7,500.

For more information on motor claims and how our forensic engineers can help your business, please contact Stacey Goodchild, Director of Claims Solutions – UK & Ireland on or Matthew StansfieldOperations Director of Claims Solutions – UK & Ireland on

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