Excellent claims handling leads to renewed agent contract

  • Incident caused damage to essential vehicle used for business

  • Prompt claims handling delighted the customer

  • Insurer carrier states that our adjuster provided “gold standard service”

How we helped

When a 2019 Mercedes Sprinter van used regularly for business purposes related to Amazon deliveries was damaged overnight, our claims adjuster took prompt action. An appraisal assignment was immediately made to our advanced claim processing department for an expedited appraisal.

After receiving photographs of the damaged van, the appraisal of damages was finalized and agreed with the customer who was also asked to provide a copy of the vehicle registration and photos of the vehicle number plate and damaged areas of the van. Our adjuster was able to provide an accurate report with all the necessary documents we received. The claim was finalized with damage documentation and a Statement of Loss, reflecting covered damages.


As a result of the prompt claim handling and issuance of payment, the agent for this large insurance business has advised the coverage has been renewed for another annual term. The insurance carrier expressed their appreciation for this type of claims handling by stating our adjusters provided “gold standard service” for the London Transportation market.

For more information, please contact Bryan Johnson, Chief Operating Officer.

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