Speedy response in flood claim keeps house sale on track

    • Initial visit made within 2 hours of instruction

    • Swift actions to resolve claim assists with maintaining house sale agreed prior to flooding

    • Contents claim paid out within 1 month

    • Claim on track to be completely resolved in 3 months

I just want to again thank you for the support we have received so far. Your service has been amazing and has helped make this situation bearable. Our buyers and the rest of the chain are happy to bear with us so your help in trying to get the bungalow back to its original condition in a reasonable time frame is doubly appreciated. –Wendy from Nottingham



At 1pm on 7 March 2023, a contracting company working on a former school in the Beeston area of Nottingham impacted a major water main, causing a leak which saw thousands of gallons of water rain down over nearby properties. Around 50 properties were believed to have been damaged in the incident ranging from minor issues to major damage.

The high pressure of water being expelled from the main also sent rocks up into the air, causing additional damage to buildings and vehicles in the affected area. The incident generated media attention both locally and nationally, with multiple requests for interviews from affected residents. Throughout the incident, the local police and fire service were in attendance to assist residents with evacuations.

Our clients’ customers were at work when the incident happened, however the water was still in full flow into the evening when one of them returned to the area at 6pm. Due to the water damage taking out the electricity and heating, the property was left uninhabitable meaning alternative accommodation would need to be sourced.

How we helped


We were instructed by our client once the customers registered their claim, and our loss adjuster attended the property within two hours of receiving the instruction. When they arrived, they found extensive damage both inside and outside. Alongside the expected water damage, there was broken roof tiles, a damaged orangery roof, broken glazing, and damaged front door.

On our first visit we arranged for colleagues from our Response, and Repair teams to meet our loss adjuster on site to assess the damage, put a strip out and drying plan together, remove the waterlogged loft boarding and insulation, and make the property watertight as the measures required most urgently. Our team were supported throughout by contractors from Saints Reconstruction and Midland Response, working with these teams we were able to act fast in progressing all required repairs.

We arranged for an electrician to attend the property and isolate the lighting system and inspect the underfloor heating. We also fitted a key safe to ensure that contractors could attend, which helped keep the claim moving along at pace by allowing contractors easy access.

There was expectedly a large amount of contents damage in the property, we worked with the customers to identify items that could be repaired/restored, and those that needed replacing. This process was completed quickly with the customers receiving the payments for the contents claim in less than 1 month after the incident happened.



Prior to the incident, the customers had agreed the sale of the property. Fortunately, due to the speed we had been able to progress the claim, their buyers and the chain agreed to wait for the repairs to be completed saving everyone from the additional stress of the chain breaking down.

On our first visit, as we were not sure of the extent of work required, we estimated that the customers may need alternative accommodation for up to six months, but we are now on track to have everything completed in around 3 months.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can support insurers with complex claims like this, get in touch with Head of Major and Complex Loss, Graeme Bell at graeme.bell@davies-group.com.

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