Diligent claim assessment unveils excessive costs in damaged bollard case

  • Saved over 80% on claimed amount


In a recent legal case, the claimant’s representatives presented a claim regarding damage to width restriction bollards. The lack of detailed documentation and reliance on agreed Schedule of Rates (SOR) for highway maintenance contracts posed transparency challenges. The initial claim was £27,751.73, inclusive of a call out fee, initial make safe works and then the necessary remedial works which included traffic management and specialist lifting equipment. However, this claim raised concerns due to its substantial nature, and we felt it required further evaluation.

How we helped

Using extensive experience, comparative analysis of similar claims, and a forensic approach, we dissected the costs. Despite the claimant’s representatives reluctance to provide comprehensive details, we persisted. Relying on extensive experience, previous knowledge of such incidents, comparisons with other similar claims across the network and a thorough understanding of reasonable rates, we were able to uncover the discrepancies.

Through rigorous examination and negotiation, the claim was found to be extremely exaggerated. The potential inclusion of unrelated maintenance works within the claim raised much suspicion, and by advocating for transparency and challenging the initial assessment, we achieved a settlement of £5,000.

Our intervention, coupled with industry knowledge and a tenacious approach, was crucial in ensuring the appropriate settlement was reached. In navigating the complex contractual arrangements and demanding accountability, we were able to achieve a favourable outcome for our client, underscoring the importance of thorough examination and expertise in claims management. Without our intervention, it is highly likely insurers might have incurred unnecessary expenses, highlighting the value of proactive and diligent assessment in mitigating financial risks.

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