Davies saves client over £80,000

  • Our Adjuster’s knowledge and experience enabled us to quickly identify fabricated expenses

  • We saved our client 64.1% of the proposed claim costs


After a fuel pump at a service station was damaged, our client received a claim for £125,379.71 for repairs to a single fuel pump and dust bin.

This seemed excessive for the damage detailed and after requesting various items of documentation, our suspicions were validated.

How we helped

The contractors stated that £57,000.00 was due because of six-months of business interruption (BI) due to loss of use of the pump. We know that damaged pumps are frequently swapped over in just a few days so, we were able to challenge this substantial cost.

Another questionable claim for nearly £54,000.00 had been presented for repairs to the damaged pump and additional ground works to the forecourt. Our investigation confirmed that there had only been repairs made to a single pump with no other works to the forecourt.


Following our review and calculations we provided settlement advice to our client and presented our findings to the Claimants’ legal team.

They conceded the position in full, and the claim was settled at £45,000.00 against the original claim of £125,379.71, achieving a saving of 64.1% for our client.

To find out more about our Impact Solutions services, and how we can help you investigate claims while reducing costs, contact James Harris, Casualty Growth Director on james.harris@davies-group.com.

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