Automating quality assessment For Vitality

“The whole process was so easy for us, Davies Technology Solutions’ knowledge of the market shone through from the very start, so we were confident in their choice of solution. Then because it was deployed as a managed service, we could leave them in complete control of the task.”

“We’re benefiting from powerful speech analytics software, without having to buy it and we’re able to call on Davies’ experts to ensure it’s delivering the insights we need. They’re flexible and proactive, suggesting new ways we can use the solution to improve our business.”

How We Helped

With a team of more than 550 customers service advisors, Vitality manages over 1 M calls a year. Many of these are highly sensitive, focused on health and life cover and claims and with a reputation for award winning customer service to protect, it’s essential that Vitality’s advisors handle these calls correctly.

Our client had a large quality team in its contact centre, whose previous role was focused on the quality assessment of the thousands of calls they received. They would spend large amounts of time listening back to call recordings to check whether advisors were asking all the correct questions covered in the terms and conditions, which was an extremely slow and time consuming process.

Our client asked us to assist them with speech analytics, to support the assessment of their calls. Analytics solution vendors promised the ability to automate quality monitoring using the software to do the bulk of the initial monitoring and flag up any recordings where the advisor didn’t follow the QA process.

The Results

We configured our solution to provide Vitality with all the answers they needed. Every call is now recorded, transcribed and analysed for key terms that relate to the quality monitoring, with detailed reports being shared regularly with Vitality to help it track quality against business targets. The system we implemented supports individual learning and development where a call is flagged as raising potential concerns or uncertainties, the Vitality quality team can listen back to the recording or check transcripts. This is a more targeted approach, which creates more time for the quality team to focus on other tasks.

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