Case Studies Type: Consulting

United Utilities Case Study

As a refocus and refresh on customer service Davies was invited to design a learning intervention for 200 contact centre staff in Cumbria.

Written by on 29th Sep 2020

RSA Personal Lines

RSA were aware that their in-house LMS (Cornerstone – rebranded internally as Horizon) was perhaps not being used to its fullest potential, with key learning not always reaching the intended individuals.

Written by on 29th Sep 2020

Hannah’s experience as a Team Leader level 3 apprentice

Davies has been very supportive with my learning and development, with support from both my coach and tutor. They have seen me through from a 16 year old school leaver, and given me all the means to progress, making sure I am fully supported with anything I aspire to do.

Written by on 4th Sep 2020

Launching a customer web chat training programme for Skipton

Skipton Building Society was launching a web chat option to its customers for the first time and sought our help before the ‘go live’ date to ensure that all advisors were consistent in tone and language to meet the needs of the largely mature and professional customer base.

Written by on 1st Sep 2020

Learning needs analysis for Halfords

Halfords commissioned us to conduct a detailed analysis of their learning needs and provide advice, guidance and ideas for improvement to help drive and influence their learning strategy.

Written by on 1st Sep 2020

Turning data into insight

A large international insurance firm had been conducting a customer feedback survey for years. But because the survey had been designed to elicit responses as unstructured data, the insurer had no simple way to analyse it, apart from manually reviewing a sample of comments. In short, the survey was of almost no business value.

Written by on 1st Jun 2020

Transforming reporting at a major retailer

While our client knew what was going on in its stores, it had very little insight into its contact centre. It wasn’t able to predict volumes or customer behaviour and couldn’t quantify reasons for calls. That, in turn, meant that it had no knowledge on which base efforts to improve the customer experience. We created a range of reports that deliver actionable insights.

Written by on 1st Jun 2020

Doubling the value of data

When you have a wealth of customer interaction data at your fingertips, it pays to use it. The marketing department at a leading retailer agreed – but historically, that data had only been analysed and used for staff coaching.

Written by on 1st Jun 2020

Automating quality assessment for Vitality

With a team of more than 550 customer service advisors, Vitality manages over one million calls every year. Many of these are highly sensitive, focused on health and life cover and claims – and with a reputation for award–winning customer service to protect, it’s essential that Vitality’s advisors handle these calls correctly.

Written by on 1st Jun 2020