Improved customer experience for Spire Healthcare

How We Helped

Spire Healthcare wanted to improve their telephone call handling and the overall patient experience.

We carried out a diagnostic with Spire Liverpool and designed a programme of classroom training courses that would provide improved customer service to potential and existing patients and their families. We designed a pilot programme that was designed to provide three separate courses; Telephone Customer Service, Face to Face Communication Skills, and Coaching Skills. These were aimed at staff whose main responsibility was to respond to telephone enquiries and attend to customers at various reception points and also to team leaders.

The pilot programme was rolled out to staff in Liverpool and Manchester soon followed suite. After reading the excellent feedback from delegates that took part in our courses, Spire commissioned the rollout of 7 days training to staff in 39 hospitals throughout the UK comprising:

• 2 x 2 day Coaching Skills for Team Leaders

• 2 x 1 day Face to Face Customer Care Skills for receptionists

• 2 x 1 day Telephone Skills & Customer Care for back office telephone staff

In addition, we delivered a 1 day follow up session with team leaders to share experiences and consolidate learning.

The Results

Feedback from staff attending the courses in Spire has been extremely positive. A particular colleague expressed to her Operations Manager that she had been unsure about taking part in the programme, as she had been on many similar courses in the past. However, she went on to say that in her entire career of over 30 years, it had been the best and most rewarding course she had ever attended.

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