Doubling the value of data

  • Delivered within six weeks

  • Improved satisfaction

  • Reduced expenditure on outsourced market research

How we helped

When you have a wealth of customer interaction data at your fingertips, it pays to use it. The marketing department at a leading retailer agreed – but historically, that data had only been analysed and used for staff coaching.

The marketing team asked us to help turn that existing data into valuable insights about its products and categories. Applying the same speech analytics platform the client already had, we built a text analytics lexicon that focused on the requirements of the marketing department – and then analysed the existing data via this different lens.


The approach, delivered within six weeks, provided rich insights on the drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction. These were fed back to the product team to understand trends and identify actions to improve satisfaction with specific products, as well as overall. Further, the company could significantly reduce its expenditure on outsourced market research as it had the most valuable data – customer interactions – at its disposal instead.

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