Stagecoach South Depot Cultural Case Study

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    • “After a few short months, we saw the NPS score jump up by 29!

    • This has opened my eyes to the bigger picture.”

    • “It’s good to see the direction we are taking, very exciting!”

“We really valued that Davies has taken the time to visit all our depots and talk to a range of different staff and has already made a commitment to improving our service culture visible internally We are delighted with the subsequent design and delivery of the sessions from Davies, which is addressing critical areas for improvement and we are now seeing a really positive ramping up in CX focused skills and behaviours which is already translating into real results in our NPS.”

How we helped

There was a big cultural norm towards efficiency that focused on keeping the buses operating and the perception that this was the only thing that mattered. The culture had become about punctuality and the only measures considered valuable were all about getting buses out and back in on time.

Culture change happens because everybody sees the benefit and knows how to play their part in making it happen. It is not enough to work with drivers alone so we have delivered initiatives at the following levels:

  • Directors and Senior Management: Working with the top team from the MD downwards to establish the ‘North Star’ guiding principles and understanding how they need to support their people to reinforce the message.
  • Middle Management: Helping the teams that interact with the drivers on a day to day basis understand how they play a key part in enabling drivers to understand what is required of them, why that is important and how to role model that effectively.
  • Customer Champions: By identifying those members of the Driver community who already instinctively understand the importance of a customer experience culture, we have been able to harness their enthusiasm and natural skillset to provide peer to peer support and encourage Drivers to buy into and behave differently towards customers.

Here at Davies one of our many talents is designing and delivering results focused, Culture Change programmes we understand how changing a culture is not just about the processes you put in place but also about winning the hearts and minds of the people involved With Change experts working on the team we work with our clients to ensure the solutions we create are modern, practical and that it equips your people with the skills to and desire to make Change happen quickly so it delivers the results you need.


We’ve delivered one day sessions to all the key levels outlined so far and these have been extremely well received with everyone bought into the Change and wanting to make it happen

  • “After a few short months, we saw the NPS score jump up by 29!”
  • “This has opened my eyes to the bigger picture.”
  • “It’s good to see the direction we are taking, very exciting!”
  • “Enlightening and helpful. I have already started implementing this.”

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