Championing Team Leaders to embed a skills development culture at the heart of Three’s customer operations

    • 8 point rise in NPS scores

    • 11% rise in customer satisfaction

    • 8% estimated efficiency gain

“By empowering our people to train and coach, Davies had left a lasting legacy that we can build upon. As the end of the programme our team leaders had the skills they needed to design and deliver training for their own teams to meet whatever customer experience challenge they face now or may face in the future.” Gurpreet Gujral, Director of Customer Contact, Three

How we helped

Based on a close analysis of Three’s operation, its culture and service challenges, we identified an innovative way to deliver training that would deliver both immediate impact and long term value by embedding skills improvement in Three’s contact centre culture. We made Three’s Team Leaders the heroes of service performance, and empowered them to deliver training & coaching to their advisor teams.


With our support the Team Leaders were personally responsible for delivering 98% of all training activity. They were empowered as mentors & trainers and achieved an average score of 4.8 out of 5 from their advisor teams in the post-training evaluation.

Within six months of the programme, Three’s NPS scores, its key customer experience measure, jumped five points.  It has since gained a further 3 points, giving an 8 point rise in total. Customer satisfaction with advisor performance has improved by 11% and first time resolution by 7%. Three has also seen a significant reduction in their average handle time (AHT), which could deliver a long term efficiency gain of around 8% of their overall operating cost.

Disappointment with customer service quality was more than halved between 2013 and 2015 as a reason for customers to leave Three. Finally, employee engagement has increased too, and Three now stands at 76% – 20 points higher than the Ipsos MORI benchmark average.

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