Pelumi’s experience as a Senior Insurance Professional Level 6 apprentice

Name: Pelumi Ojo

Employer & Apprenticeship: Aon – Senior Insurance Professional Level 6


Why did you choose this study pathway?

The level 6 programme was the highest level of qualification I could achieve. I made the decision to study for the full qualification as long term, because it would be beneficial for my career.


How was your learning experience with Davies?

Davies helped me to structure my exams, as it can be overwhelming going directly to the CII to book exams and choose units when you don’t know what the best options for you are. Right from the start Davies mapped out my journey. I knew which modules I could choose from and they gave me options that suited my sector; providing background knowledge that would have been able to difficult to acquire myself. The deliverables were clear, and I knew what I was signing up to. I wasn’t eligible for any exemptions so I had to complete all exams to achieve my full ACII qualification. This was intense but with the help of the tutor, I was able to keep the end goal in mind.


How difficult was it to study whilst working?

Aon was super supportive. Everyone on an apprenticeship gets study day allocations, which provides a natural break to devote more time and it gave me the best chance of success in my exams. There is also support for resits and rewards if you successfully complete the qualification. Colleagues are always happy to help with any questions and provide guidance where appropriate.

The apprenticeship has also helped me to have more confident conversations about insurance, which is vital to my job. When I walk into a meeting, I have the confidence to engage. This has helped me develop strong relationships with colleagues and stakeholders.


What would you say to someone thinking of doing an apprenticeship?

It is definitely worth doing if you want a career in insurance, it is almost silly not to! To me, it’s more valuable than having a degree, it takes you into the specifics of the industry, gives you credibility and allows you to build your confidence. You also earn more whilst you study for the qualifications – these are all great benefits.

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