Redesigning Towergate’s sales training programme and aligning it to the apprenticeship

  • People ask to sign up to the training rather than being asked

  • Noticeable shift in diversity with 50% split male/female on the Account Handler program

“You can really see the programme is solid and works remotely just as well as in person, however, the impact of COVID-19 from an operational point of view has had a natural knock on effect. What was great, was that Davies slightly adapted the Account Handler program to account for our business change and time frames to suit these requirements. Davies has been flexible and accommodating, whilst guiding and supporting us to achieve our goals.”

How we helped

With the launch of the Sales Executive Level 4 trailblazer apprenticeship Towergate hoped to redesign their Sales Programme and align it to the apprenticeship.

We worked with Towergate to design the programme from the bottom up. We pulled out material from their old programme which was relevant and mapped to the programme. Towergate recommended module content which reflected this and we worked in partnership to create Sales Modules which not only reflect the standard but also the culture of Sales at Ardonagh group. The programme is referred to internally as the Account Handler Advising Programme (underpinned by the Sales Executive Level 4 Apprenticeship). We launched the first cohort in February 2020 and subsequent cohorts in June and July.



The feedback from Towergate has been very positive and they now have 3 separate cohorts of the programme running from across the country. We switched the programme from face-to-face delivery to remote and re-designed the modules to fit this model during COVID-19, and the impact we have seen so far has been very encouraging.

The programme is demonstrating the benefit of someone taking this journey. Retention is improving, staff are not leaving and see that there is investment in their careers. We have seen noticeable diversity shifts too, 50% split male/female on the Account Handler program. From a high level this really fits Towergate’s strategy.

Apprentices are now seeing careers, not just training sessions. They have noticed that the skills and knowledge is more varied, helping them understand roles outside of their own specifications.

Line managers from the Sale Executive programme are noticing that people ask to sign up rather than being asked to do the training. People know about the programme by speaking to other people on the programme, and this is leading to some positive development conversations.

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