Simba ‘sales through web chat’ training programme

  • A decrease in the number of unnecessary discounts given to help close sales

  • Delegates felt ‘clearer’ and ‘more confident’ in the conversations

  • Delivering maximum efficiency whilst retaining customer satisfaction

”We very much appreciate all the support you and your team have given us, it gets us so much closer to what we were trying to do!”

How we helped

Simba is a growing mattress company that asked for our support to establish its operation and position it for growth. We completed several projects with Simba and started with an evaluation of their customer communication, which was largely done via digital channels, primarily live chat. 

Our analysis showed a high usage of sales phrases amongst the advisors who managed the live chats, but the effectiveness of these phrases could be improved and the chats could be improved by being more conversational in tone. We therefore designed a `sales through service` chat programme, supported with an overhauled quality framework. 


The success of the programme was evident immediately, in particular with the decrease in the number of unnecessary discounts being given to help close sales. Delegates commented that they felt ‘clearer’ and ‘more confident’ in the conversations. 

Simba’s live chat was also regularly used to handle post-sales customer service queries about delivery and support with known challenges such as smell, firmness and the 100 night guarantee. Advisors were trained to handle these positively and professionally, using a blend of short ‘canned’ responses and personalised text to create maximum efficiency whilst retaining customer satisfaction.

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