Automating quality assessment for Vitality

  • More than one million calls every year

  • Speech analytics analyse 100% of calls

  • Improved employee performance & customer retention

“From our perspective, it’s been a model managed service. We’re benefiting from powerful speech analytics software, without having to buy it and we’re able to call on Davies’ experts to ensure it’s delivering the insights we need.”

How we helped

With a team of more than 550 customer service advisors, Vitality manages over one million calls every year. Many of these are highly sensitive, focused on health and life cover and claims – and with a reputation for award–winning customer service to protect, it’s essential that Vitality’s advisors handle these calls correctly.

The quality team in the call centre used to spend large amounts of time quality checking recordings of calls. It was a slow and time consuming process that nobody relished, so we implemented a speech analytics software that recorded, transcribed and analysed every single call that Vitality manage. Our speech analytics software flags calls that didn’t follow QA processes, and the quality team can then listen to the recordings of the calls flagged by the system rather than going on a phishing expedition quality checking random calls.   


The quality team could now check calls that had been flagged by the system, listen to the recording and identify when the failure to stick to the QA process was a one-off incident and where there was a need for more training. We also added additional rules to the software, enabling the quality team to assess whether calls are being managed with the empathy that Vitality expects.

Our speech analytics software has improved employee performance and satisfaction as well as increased customer retention rates. The number of failed audits in Vitality’s claims handling department decreased by 16% within the first three months of deployment and customers now rate Vitality higher on external review sites, with the contact centre teams often called out as providing excellent service.

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