Building a new induction programme for a large international brand

  • Attrition average has dropped to 10% – down from 70%

  • 70% improvement in learner engagement

  • KPIs are being met more consistently

How we helped

This organisation needed to improve its existing induction programme. They faced challenges of significant attrition with an average of 70% of new starters leaving during their induction. This was hurting operational requirements and customer experiences.

We conducted focus groups with colleagues of all levels to establish what worked well and where the gaps were. We also engaged the senior leadership team to understand what the operational metrics we needed to consider were and built the solution to focus on the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to deliver on these metrics.

We built a two-week blended induction programme which was followed by a three week testing environment that contained essential customer service soft skills, brand awareness, and process & systems training. The entire programme was interactive and improved our client’s speed to competence by 7 weeks and reduced drop outs.


With the new training programme, the attrition average during induction has dropped to an average of 10%, and speed to competence has been reduced to just 5 weeks. Learner engagement has improved by 70% during the induction programme and operational KPIs are being achieved more consistently throughout the testing periods on the learners’ path. Our digital learning platform now also checks knowledge retention daily with a fun quiz.

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