Major utility provider transforms knowledge retention with digital learning platform

  • Provided detailed insights into individual learning performance & overall effectiveness

  • 75% of staff regularly engaged with the platform

  • Delivered tangible benefits against several key performance indicators

“It’s a fantastic engaging platform that gives us insight into our people that we’ve never had before. If we use it right, we can join all the dots and get the results we need!”

How we helped 

Electricity and gas supply is a complex service environment that is rapidly evolving. This means that employee knowledge needs to change fast too. Our client’s service operation is a multi-channel contact centre, supported by field operatives all over the UK. 

A combination of huddles, 1-2-1s, digital learning and classroom training demonstrates best practice to encourage knowledge transfer and acquisition, however, senior managers recognised that there was a gap in the chain. Our client had no way to assess how much of the learning ‘stuck’ and it was a challenge to find efficient ways to support employees to retain the knowledge. This meant that the business couldn’t easily evaluate the impact of its major investment in learning, compare the effectiveness of different delivery methods, or check whether staff had absorbed essential safety updates or compliance messages.

We recognised that our online knowledge retention platform was perfect to tackle this challenge, providing detailed insights into individual learning performance as well as overall effectiveness.

It needed to be carefully shaped to the utility’s unique needs so we oversaw its implementation. We created the first batch of content for the platform and devised knowledge check questions. Senior managers and representatives from the utility’s Learning & Development team were involved in the process, so they could develop new content without our support in the future. 


The fun launch day was a major hit with the team, but the real success has been demonstrated since. User engagement levels have been consistently high with over 75% of staff regularly engaging with the platform. Agent feedback has been positive, with staff commenting on how user friendly the platform is and how it has created some healthy competition. For the client, that has led to tangible benefits against several key performance indicators for the contact centre, including Net Promoter Score and average call handle times.

Some of the most positive feedback has been at an individual level. Some agents have told us that the platform has introduced them to information they weren’t previously aware of, such as tariff details or customer processes. Team leaders have told us that the individual learning evaluation allows them to have more effective and focused coaching conversations and 1-2-1 sessions.

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