Hannah’s experience as a Team Leader level 3 apprentice

Name: Hannah Webb

Employer and Apprenticeship: Davies Learning Solutions – Team Leader Level


Why did you choose this study pathway?

As a progression route from completing my business administration Level 3 apprenticeship, the team leader programme was a perfect fit for my role aspiration when being promoted. As a new team leader this programme will give me the foundation to develop fully into my role. I’ll have the opportunity to not only develop the knowledge, but the skills and behaviours of an effective manager too.


How as your learning experience with Davies?

Davies has been very supportive with my learning and development, with support from both my coach and tutor. They have seen me through from a 16 year old school leaver, and given me all the means to progress, making sure I am fully supported with anything I aspire to do.


How difficult was it to study whilst working?

Having a supportive employer makes studying whilst working far easier, it means I am allocated the appropriate time to study so things don’t get too overwhelming for me. As well as fully engaging in everything I do, my employer has offered support, opportunity and exposure to things that will help me with my studies.


What would you say to someone thinking of doing an apprenticeship?

Don’t think twice… do it! Apprenticeships open doors for you that qualifications don’t do alone. You develop the knowledge, but there is so much to learn in regards to skills and behaviours that you develop whilst getting first-hand experience in the workplace. To be able to evidence you have the knowledge, skills and behaviours of a role will set you in a perfect position when progressing in your career… and you get paid for it too – it’s a win win!

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