Delivering advanced chat skills training for NEXT’s customer advisors

    • Delivered advanced chat skills training structured around five C’s to create superheroes

    • Participant evaluation found the course being great fun, very engaging, and involving many practical activities

    • Leaving NEXT self-sufficient to continue delivering the training

How we helped

We kicked off this project carrying out a full learning needs analysis, and found that the internal training team had already started to develop a new half-day workshop which could be positioned as the perfect introduction to basic ‘softer’ skills on Chat for new starters. We also found that team managers had created a one hour briefing session with similar content to increase the skills of all their Advisors. We therefore focused on more advanced chat skills and structured this around five C’s to create superheroes.

The design of the programme was interactive and engaging, utilizing best practice and lots of bespoke examples scenarios from typical NEXT chats that the Advisors could relate to. We piloted the workshop successfully on site with a group of Chat Advisors and key stakeholders.  We then delivered a session for team managers so they could reinforce the messages that their teams were experiencing through quality coaching sessions and in the moment reinforcement feedback.

We provided a train the trainer session for onsite trainers so they could continue delivering the programme for teams in both the UK and Pune, India.  We delivered a further three sessions for newly recruited Live Chat Advisors as part of their initial training programme, before finally leaving NEXT self-sufficient to continue delivering the training.



The groups we worked with were fully engaged and responsive to all the activities and techniques we covered. Their evaluation was centred of the course being great fun, very engaging, and involving many practical activities to stimulate the group.  Some described it as the ‘Best training session ever’ and the ‘Best training and trainer by far’.  Personal commitments included being more natural, being free spirited and less stuffy, speaking confidently and to improve efficiency on chat.

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