Integrating apprenticeships to Marsh’s graduate programme

  • Overcome concerns about apprenticeships’ appropriateness for a graduate audience

  • Overcome concerns about apprenticeships’ appropriateness for a graduate audience

How we helped

Marsh has a very successful graduate scheme, but was unsure whether an apprenticeship programme was appropriate for this audience & whether it could add the already very successful graduate programme. They therefore wanted to explore if they could accelerate & embed learning with graduates as part of their ‘Further Faster’ initiative.

We took a very consultative approach with Marsh, listened to their thoughts on how they wanted to develop their graduate programme in detail, whilst also acknowledging their potential concerns.

We proposed a fully integrated programme, matching the competencies of the apprenticeship programme with Marsh’s requirements. Importantly the solution also kept the key successful elements of Marsh’s scheme, but complimented this with specialist coaching & tutor support to help embed learning & accelerate development.



Marsh launched the scheme in December 2019 with our close support. Marsh were particularly pleased with the quality of our specialist coaches & tutors, but also with the support from our client solutions team, who provided regular updates & responded very quickly to help resolve any issues or concerns.

We also helped Marsh build their internal learning hub platform to promote all the programmes across their group.

The feedback from Marsh’s graduates has been extremely positive and demonstrated the benefits of integrating the apprenticeship with Marsh’s existing graduate scheme.  We’ve overcome Marsh’s concerns about apprenticeships’ appropriateness for a graduate audience, and it’s being extended to all Marsh’s graduates in 2020/21.

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