Launching a customer web chat training programme for Skipton

  • Established brand voice and the importance of proofreading

  • Delegates scored all elements of the programme between 90% and 100% satisfaction

  • The programme was described as ‘engaging’, ‘informative’ ‘specialised’ ‘relevant’ and memorable’

How we helped 

Skipton Building Society was launching a web chat option to its customers for the first time and sought our help before the ‘go live’ date to ensure that all advisors were consistent in tone and language to meet the needs of the largely mature and professional customer base.

We firstly spent time in the organisation to meet the key stakeholders and establish the brand tone of voice. It was important to establish preferences on emojis, abbreviations and the use of ‘canned’ responses. The advisor population was much younger than the average customer, so spelling, grammar, proofreading and sentence structure work was key for the success of the programme.


Our learning programme was delivered successfully with delegates scoring all elements of the programme at between 90% and 100% satisfaction. Delegates described the learning events as ‘engaging’, ‘informative’ ‘specialised’ ‘relevant’ and memorable’.

Following this learning programme, Skipton developed a quality strategy to evaluate chats, and a recruitment process to move telephony advisors over to chat. We provided strategic advice on both aspects to support Skipton to success.

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