Replacement Vehicle Provision

We’ll keep your customers moving

With a fully integrated vehicle replacement service, Davies will make sure that your customers are never left standing still.

At Davies, we understand how important your customer’s vehicle is to their day-to-day life. That’s why we have worked to provide the most wide-ranging replacement vehicle claims service on the market from hire vehicles to write-off replacement vehicles.

Servicing all vehicle types – from motorbikes to refrigerated ice-cream vans – our knowledgeable team can help with any vehicle replacement.

Service options to suit your needs

Employing industry-leading technology to streamline the claims process, including e-signup, automated questioning, and self-service options, we work to reduce the operational expenditure spend of all of our customers.

With third party capture and second bite capture services, we seek to reduce further costs for our customers, while removing the most common pain points from the complete claims process.

Benefiting Clients and Customers


100,000 vehicle replacement options


45 independent suppliers partner with Davies


400+ branches nationwide

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