Forensic Services

For complex and catastrophic claims

Davies’ forensic services can help you to get to the truth of the most complex and catastrophic of cases.

With a full-time research team, Davies is able to provide a comprehensive range of forensic investigation services. Enabling our customers and the Courts to avoid false claims – staged motor accidents, fake whiplash, deliberate fire lighting, and other engineered damage – while providing the genuine victims of accidents with the help and support that they deserve.

Putting our experience at your service

Experienced in examining key forensic features, including the consistency of damage, contributory negligence, vehicle data, component failure and fire investigation we can provide you with the support you need when handling all claims forms. Including the catastrophic and fatal.

Benefiting Clients and Customers


Saving of £2m+ for one single claim


Specialist team of 25 forensic experts


ROI 4:1


1 specialist testing lab with collision reconstruction capabilities

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