Major & Complex Loss

When the worst happens, Davies team is on hand to provide a complete solution for your most complex claims needs

Working together to provide the best claims solutions

When confronted by a significant incident, you need to be confident that your claims handler is able to provide the integrated support you need to limit damage, protect your policyholders’ interest and get everything back on track as quickly as possible.

Davies integrated complex claims solutions

Imagine a scenario involving complex loss. It might be a cataclysmic weather event, property destruction, an incident involving multi party injuries, or perhaps a reputation damaging cyberattack. Davies integrated claims solutions can provide the end-to-end service you need. Our TPA team will manage the claims process. Loss adjusters will rapidly assess the situation liaising with our supply chain where appropriate to arrange repairs, site clean-up or restoration.  Our team will arrange replacement vehicles, alternative accommodation and emergency payments whilst managing communications with the community, press and local & national bodies. Meanwhile our fraud team will work ceaselessly to ensure that all potential claims are valid.

Whatever claims support you need, Davies will help.


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