Learning Experiences

LEGO - Increasing Coaching Confidence

41% uplift in confidence of Team Leaders to coach their teams compared to before the training.

75% of Team Leaders reported an increase in performance in the three months following the training.


Our client is one of the most globally recognisable educational toy brands.

The client came to us with a requirement to develop their team leaders across three global locations. They wanted our help to build on their existing training and create a more practical, blended, and advanced performance coaching solution. The core training needed to be delivered in a classroom, but our client also wanted us to implement a series of digital modules, to speed up competence and act as a resource.

The Approach

As experts in leadership and blended learning, we were able to work at pace to develop an impactful solution.

To start with, we conducted a full Learning Needs Analysis to establish what areas of coaching to focus on. As an outcome of this analysis, we identified that there were three key areas to focus on: emotional intelligence, coaching conversations and delivering feedback.

We created three digital modules on each of the topics to lay the foundation, this was followed by two facilitated workshops to create a truly blende learning experience. This brand has a unique identity in its people just as it has in the hearts and minds
of customers globally. For this reason, we worked carefully and with great praise, to develop material that matches the unique look, feel, voice and playfulness of this historic European brand.

Our human-led sessions, which were delivered in three different continents, blended psychometrics, tone of voice, coaching best practice and cultural awareness together to deliver fantastic outcomes for the team leaders, providing a foundation brick for conversations with colleagues moving forward.

The Results

The solutions that were delivered across the three locations not only achieved positive evaluation results, but also became a talking point for many other regions as team leaders grew in confidence and skill, thus leading to positive people performance.

This client recognised how important coaching and development was within their business and our series of interventions helped embed this globally and continue to drive performance up at team levels.

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He will also be able to share examples of how we have supported our clients to reach their learning and development goals to help achieve incredible business metrics. Book your 121 meeting below.

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