Opportunities for growth and development at every level



Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds and are some of the most skilled and respected in the industry.

But why did they choose Davies?

  • To be a significant part in shaping our future, driving forward continuous improvement whilst embracing new technology to give us a competitive edge.
  • To be encouraged to be the best they can be in their chosen area of expertise and proud to be an insurance professional.
  • To be in a role full of opportunity and progression that that will open doors throughout the industry.

Or simply to be part of a company that cares.

Whatever the reason, our employees are more engaged, happier and productive as we pride ourselves on creating a unique culture and constantly strive to be even better.

Whatever your reasons we’d love to hear them so please explore our careers pages and find out why there’s no company quite like Davies Group in the industry to help you progress in your career path.