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The people behind Davies:

Client Experience Consultant, Mel Crumpton talks us through the art of building client trust.
Tell us about what you do and the challenges it brings.
I work within the Davies’ Client Experience Team as a consultant on client projects, ensuring that all checkpoints are covered, the project progresses on time and we’re able to deliver what the client needs. I also make sure that any risks and issues are highlighted whilst providing complete transparency to the client.

The challenge I face is the unpredictability of some projects. Sometimes we’ll have everything set out and then a curveball is thrown in, which knocks out the timing of the project and changes expectations. This can lead to us having to make changes that can impact the project, so I have to be able to manage client expectations whilst also staying as flexible as possible.


What made you want to work in the industry?
I originally came from an IT background within project management which I enjoyed, but it wasn’t really something that I was interested in and due to its technicality, I didn’t always understand it. So, I moved into the financial services space and then into L&D.

I realised that I could really add value to the projects I was working on because I could understand the context, content, and what the client was trying to achieve. That’s when I realised that not only could I manage the project, but I could provide valuable input and suggestions – making the projects I worked on feel meaningful.


What service do you provide to clients and how does this service offering add value?

We use our expertise to work with clients to improve productivity through analysis of their L&D objectives and organisational goals. Finding the area where we can step in and design curated processes with the training to match and help clients achieve those goals through people development.

At the heart of my role specifically, I give clients a great experience by making it easy to do business with us. I do this by providing transparency throughout the project process, highlighting any issues and key risks involved. By ensuring clarity, this makes us trusted partners to work with.

Typically, Davies will ensure that there’s constant oversight during the customer journey by having a member of the client experience team (such as myself) be involved throughout an entire project’s lifecycle. So ultimately, I work closely with clients to understand their goals and put the steps in place to help them to achieve them.


If you could go back and give your younger self any kind of career advice. What would it be?

Think outside the box and don’t limit yourself! When I was going through school and college, the job I’m doing now was never put on the table or even a known role. The advice I would give is that you don’t have to know what you want to do straight away, you’ve got time to find your path and discover opportunities.

Don’t pigeonhole yourself, the sky’s the limit!


If you are looking for more information on how to bring the best out of your agents, resolve tricky customer enquiries and improve CX in your business, please get in touch with me below or the client solutions team at learningexperiences@davies-group.com.


Melissa Crumpton
Client Experiences Consultant