Davies is committed to being a responsible and sustainable business. We see ourselves as a people business, with strong environmental and ethical obligations. Our ESG strategy is founded on three pillars: nurturing our people and communities, taking action for our planet, and fulfilling our purpose ethically.

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We support the UN SDGs

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 interlinked global objectives designed to address various societal challenges including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace, and justice. They are a blueprint for global peace and prosperity for people and the planet. Businesses should commit to these goals because, beyond their ethical responsibility, their long-term success is intrinsically linked to a sustainable global economy, and integrating SDGs can drive innovation, build customer loyalty, attract and retain talent, and mitigate risks.

Davies supports all the UN SDGs through its business practices, we are also a member of the UN Global Compact. Our ESG strategy is particularly aligned around five core SDGs that are most material to the business, our values and where Davies can make the most impact.

Provide equitable access to the skills and knowledge needed for success.

Ensure equal opportunity for all and reduce outcome inequalities.

Inspire climate resilience and take urgent action to tackle climate change.

Enable anyone to have the opportunity for secure and decent work.

Ensure ethical, transparent, representative and accountable decision making.

ESG Leadership at Davies

Emma Wedderburn

Emma Wedderburn

Group Chief HR Officer

Group Chief HR Officer, Emma Wedderburn, is responsible for Davies’ ESG function and Davies people. Emma is chair of the ESG Steering Committee, a member of the Group Executive Board and reports into the Group Chief Executive Officer. Emma is also responsible for the Group’s Global Guiding Principles, which binds Davies and all its subsidiaries in a commitment to good business practice

Gillie Fairbrother

Group Director - ESG

Our group ESG Director, Gillie Fairbrother reports to Emma Wedderburn and is responsible for Davie’s ESG strategy and driving sustainability performance across the Group.

Davies ESG Team & Governance Structure

Davies Group Board

ESG Board Committee

Including CEO Dan Saulter, CHRO Emma Wedderburn and our non-Exec Board member Dr Nneka Abulokwe, OBE.

Group Executive Team

ESG Steering Committee

Team of cross functional business leaders and subject matter experts who are responsible for driving ESG initives across the business and reporting progress to group exec. Led by the ESG function.

ESG Action Groups & Champions

Cross functional groups & individual champions that meet as needed to drive key operating initiatives. Including Climate Action Group, DEI Action Groups


Our social pillar focuses on advancing social opportunity and equality, through education, learning and development within our business and our communities. We want Davies to be a place where anyone can thrive, by valuing and developing our colleagues, cultivating inclusive employer practices and aligning the Davies Foundation and our community investment strategy around social mobility.

People Highlights

given to 100+ community causes in FY23

Carried out a
global diversity
data drive continuing to ensure a safe environment for disclosure

ecovadis score for Labour & Human Rights

Up 8%
Proportion of colleagues that believe “Davies is committed to being an inclusive employer”

People Documents

UK Gender Pay Gap Report Commentary 2022 Download
Modern Slavery Statement - Davies Group Download


We are taking urgent action as a Group to tackle climate change and minimise our impact on the environment. We are pursuing a science-based net-zero future, committing to carbon and resource reduction, and innovating for environmental gains across Davies’
value chain.

Down 34%
Greenhouse gas emissions intensity for Davies’ UK operations emissions assured to ISO 14604-1

Published our first
TCDF report
ahead of regulation

Committed to SBTI's
net zero

Launched Davies' Carbon Action

Planet Documents

Davies TCFD Report 2023 Download
Carbon Reduction Plan 2023 Download
Environmental Statement Download


ESG performance is a key factor in our business success. Our governance framework follows best practice to ensure that our leadership structure, culture and business actions are underpinned by laws and ethics and align with our values. Davies will continue to operate responsibly and engage and educate stakeholders through transparent reporting.

Purpose Highlights

Created the position of Group
ESG Director

Became a signatory to the
UN Global Impact

ESG Board Committee and ESG Steering Committee

Bronze by the EcoVadis ESG framework

Information security
assured to ISO 27001 and certified to Cyber Essentials Plus

Purpose Documents

Information Security Policy Statement Download
Financial Crime Statement Download
Responsible Business Statement Download
Anti-Bribery and Corruption Statement Download
Conduct Risk Statement 2024 Download
Modern Slavery Statement - Davies Group Download
Davies TCFD Report 2023 Download