Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences

SIMBA HR operational advice

The TNA identified a number of priority subjects that managers felt were important to their personal development

We benchmarked against industry standards

A framework designed exclusively for SIMBA


As one of the fastest-growing mattress companies in the UK, SIMBA has been featured in The Times Top 100 Start-Ups. The organisation enlisted our help to provide trusted operational advice complemented with learning & development action planning for future growth. The particular focus areas included HR function review, to include all HR processes, policies and retained HR as well as learning and development planning and support.


As part of the SIMBA retained trainer plan, two days were spent on site to carry out an HR function review. This involved the completion of an extensive audit review, working with the Payroll & Benefits Co-ordinator. We spent time to ascertain what HR related activities were taking place across the various parts of the business. The aim of the HR function review was to audit existing practices, policies, and procedures to facilitate benchmarking against both legislative requirements and best practice models. The audit was split into four key areas:

  1. Recruitment and selection
  2. Employee relations
  3. Training and development
  4. Sampling of HR employee files

A further two days were allocated to carry out a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to ascertain the level and priorities that would be appropriate to any management development training.

We used a generic proven framework to assess the possible priorities for establishing a management development programme to meet the current needs of SIMBA whilst keeping sight of their future requirements.


Davies produced a detailed report that summarised the findings of the HR function review, this included a traffic light system of recommendations for SIMBA moving forward and offered support for the implementation to provide a consistency across all departments within the business.

We also generated a review document for the findings of the management development TNA, this document was broken down into detail of all the development areas followed by our expert recommendations on how to support SIMBA from a practical planning perspective with their learning and development functions.

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