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Participant feedback averaged 95% on “Relevance to role” and “Confidence to apply learnings”.4.9/5 from the 111 participants

100% of leaders responded that their relationships and productivity had increased in the three months after training.


At Davies Learning Experiences we believe a solid people strategy anchored with competent and engaged leadership is the backbone to any strong organisation. Developing leadership does not happen in a day and in many cases for leaders to grow they need to look inward first; this was the case when we partnered with Blackpool Coastal Housing.

Like most organisations Blackpool Coastal Housing (BCH) found themselves with a group of mid-level managers of varying experience and styles that had not formally received any leadership development or coaching.

The Approach

The starting point of the programme was to engage the group in a structured Needs Analysis to identify the key themes and areas where the managers felt they would benefit from the most support. This was aligned to the strategic vision and values of Blackpool Coastal Housing to ensure the tone matched the internal language of the organisation.

Davies Learning Experiences worked with the senior leadership team to define the top competencies needed for the success of their mid-level managers. Some of these included: Ethics, Communication, Problem Solving, Coaching and Team Work.

The Delivery

Before any training sessions were held, we needed the BCH managers to learn more about themselves as leaders; how were they showing up, how effective were they on leading a team or project, what was their leadership style. These questions (and more) were answered in a customized 360 feedback assessment that was build by Davies Learning Solutions.

Each manager had 15 people (5 from above, 5 from below and 5 peers) enlisted to evaluate their performance across 40 questions linked to the BCH competencies and values. The resulting feedback was compiled into a detailed report that was explored in a 90 minute coaching session where a bespoke action plan was created to identify: areas of opportunity, strengths and the ‘hot topics’ that would be explored during development workshops.

The aggregated data compiled helped to shape the session design resulting in nine Leadership workshops being created and deployed over a nine month period. This programme was also mapped to the Leadership & Management ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) level 5 standard, where participants would have to complete two written assignments to demonstrate their learning transfer back on the job.

Learning Map for BCH Managers:

The Results

After each of the nine sessions, evaluation scores and feedback were captured from each learner. This was consistently rated 90-100% across a range of measures that included: ‘relevance to my role’ and ‘confidence to apply’.

At the conclusion of the programme, managers completed an assignment where they built and presented their leadership “action plan” for the next 12 months to the senior leadership group. These action plans not only included the projects they were accountable for, but also the people strategy and leadership techniques they were going to utilise to be successful.

As well as providing an accredited leadership standard, managers felt their confidence, productivity and team performance had all significantly improved as a result of the programme.

At Davies Learning Experiences we are proud of the partnership forged with BCH and even more proud of the growth these leaders showed over the course of the programme.

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