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Stagecoach - Results focused culture change

After undertaking our programme and coaching, Stagecoach South saw their NPS increase by 29 points across a six month period

98% of attendees across all levels of seniority would recommend our learning solutions to their peers


What do you do when operational efficiencies are maximised, but your customer count is declining?

This is what Stagecoach South had been encountering when they selected Davies Learning Experiences as their preferred supplier.

The issue was that Stagecoach South had such a strong culture on efficient running, that the customer experience was not an equal consideration with numerous complaints around driver attitude being recorded. For Stagecoach South to increase revenue, it was not enough to just get people from A to B. They had to develop a much stronger, proactive customer experience mindset within their driver community, which meant the culture had to change.

The Approach

At Davies Learning Experiences we believe that spending the time upfront analysing the business; both “how they operate” and “how they think” is crucial to ensuring the right solution is developed.

By immersing ourselves into the Stagecoach South culture we learned that the “culture of punctuality” was not with the drivers alone, but also from the top down. One training interaction with the drivers would not make much difference if there was no ‘buy-in’ from the leadership and supporting staff. Culture change happens because everybody sees the benefit and knows what part to play in making it happen.

Our initiative targeted:

• Directors and Senior Management: We established a common language regarding the culture and how leaders could support their people to reinforce this new message going forward.

• Middle Management: Teams that interact with the drivers on a day-to-day basis needed to understand how they play a key part in enabling Drivers to recognise what is required of them and how to role model these desired behaviours.

• Customer Champions: We identified those members of the driver community who already instinctively understood the importance of a customer experience culture to harness their enthusiasm and natural skillset to provide peer-to-peer support.

The Delivery

We realise that culture change does not happen overnight, but by targeting those who are open to change (early adopters) and the “fence sitters” we can generate enough enthusiasm to build momentum which spreads throughout the organisation.

Our customised content was again tailored for the three target groups:

Directors and Senior Management: This focused on developing skills to lead people during the change and implementing processes that will support the culture shift such as recruiting talent with the right mindset and promoting positive customer feedback metrics.

Middle Management: Coaching & Action Learning sessions were built that would support them as they continue to deliver this change on a day-to-day basis.

Customer Champion: Ideation sessions were built that harness the power of peer support and use their enthusiasm to create new “ways of working” with customers going forward.

The Feedback

“We really valued that Davies Learning Experiences has taken the time to visit all our depots and talk to a range of different staff and has already made a commitment to improving our service culture visibly internally. We are delighted with the subsequent design and delivery of the sessions from Davies which is addressing critical areas for improvement and we are now seeing a really positive ramping up in CX focused skills and behaviours; which has translated into real positive movement in our NPS.”
Customer Service Director, Stagecoach

The Results

Here at Davies Learning Experiences, one of our many talents is designing and delivering results focused Culture Change programmes. We understand how changing a culture is not just about the processes you put in place, but also about winning the hearts and minds of the people involved. Our change experts were able to build modern, practical and sustainable programs that aligned to Stagecoach South’s desired goal of having a customer focused mindset.

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