Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences

Global Fashion Retailer

On average, learners of this course were 35% more productive (as measured by call volume) compared to existing staff

Time to competence reduced by 33% (as measured by quality and productivity which contributed to the savings metrics)

The client made a cost saving of approximately £423,000. This was achieved through increased productivity and reduced training time and buddy costs


Davies has been working with one of the largest global fashion retail brands to help them with one clear goal: to develop stronger sales, service and customer experience (CX) outcomes for their contact centre teams, by transforming its onboarding programme.

Their main challenge was that a large volume of the technical processes were centrally owned. This presented a large risk to the business, as they also did not have the full materials developed to run the programme with anyone other than a small pool of subject matter experts.

The new starters were overwhelmed by all the information and would not be fully competent after completing the existing programme. They would need to heavily rely on buddies or colleagues to help them with post-training queries. The majority of the training was human-led, with little to no digital experiences.

The existing learning lasted several weeks and depended on a limited number of team leaders to drive competence with their new starters. This meant team leaders had extra pressures to achieve competence, which with a blended programme could be more easily achieved.

How we helped 

Initially we conducted a period of consultative analysis. During this phase, we reviewed materials, met with new starters and got into the detail of the performance data. Following this, we worked to develop and design a truly blended onboarding experience and roll-out a plan. This led to new starters making an impact on the business even faster than before.

We developed 13 human led sessions that enhanced the material with communication skills, customer experience learning and skills practice. We supplemented the learning with 28 consistently branded and engaging digital modules which simulated systems and drove down time to competence. This supports a truly blended learning experience so that people can learn in their own way.

This project is a great example of how we design like chameleons. We fully embraced and replicated the brand guidelines from tone of voice to visual design for both in-person and digital learning.

The material is supported by team leader resources and trainer guides to drive performance beyond the classroom and support a refreshed coaching culture for team leaders.

The new training programme is now live, and early indicators are showing a positive reception to a new, blended way of learning.


“Coming out of training, I was able to make it happen.”
– new associate advisor


Early indications from feedback indicate that delegates leave feeling highly confident and supported to start in their roles.

Upon starting to take live calls, graduates of this new onboarding programme deliver 20-60% higher productivity when compared to previous training groups.

Time to competence has generally reduced from 7 to 4 weeks as measured by productivity and quality measurements.

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