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Saved time, money and managed version control.

Created a suite of resources, journals, training materials


Our client is a leading international financial services group based in Canada that helps people make their decisions easier and their lives better. They provide financial advice and insurance as well as wealth and asset management solutions for individuals, groups and institutions.

The client presented several challenges with their existing new hire program:

  • The need to reduce the time spent on induction by 25% without impacting results
  • Wanting to create a “standard approach” for learning across departments, geographies, sites and functions
  • To improve the learning curve and support new advisors to take effective calls sooner
  • Wanting to reduce speed to competence from 9 months to 3 months

We believe outputs should be delivered as tailored and specific to the client as possible, so to make this happen, Ember conducted a needs analysis of the existing cross departmental employees in the contact centre environment across several Canadian sites, both face to face and virtually.

The customers’ voice and feedback was also taken into account which provided insight into scope of the opportunity as well as informing our approach to the solution as we studied the feedback for new advisors.

From working in collaboration with the Operations and Learning and Development teams, we were able to identify and then prioritise a programme of modern “Learning & Development” practices that built sustainable skills for their future needs in house.


  • Transforming the learner journey to create a truly blended training approach which saved time, money and managed version control.
  • Partnered to deliver a fresh approach to training that focused on top call drivers whilst improving trainer capability in both classroom and virtual facilitation.
  • Created a suite of resources, journals, training materials and detailed notes that allow this training to be repeated in the future with new groups.
  • Improved the accessibility and suitability of reference material in their knowledge bank for new hires to use once they were on the floor reinforcing a 70:20:10 learning culture.

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Throughout our work with global clients, we have helped shift organisations from being transactional, hierarchical structures into transformational, inclusive communities of colleagues.

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