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Autoglass - Contact Centre Training

£250,000 ROI realised after six months.

Online portal use by customers up 22%

Repeat calls decreased by 20%


Our client, Autoglass, reached out to us regarding issues they were experiencing with their UK based call centre advisors. It seemed that a number of key call centre statistics like: average handle time, accuracy, compliance and repeat calls were all trending in a negative direction. Autoglass was also looking to drive customer traffic to the online portal, where customers could view progress without having to make repeated inbound calls.

The Approach

The experts at Davies Learning Experiences started by completing a deep dive analysis which included call listening, focus groups with all levels of staff and a review of the systems and processes in place.

Four key areas of measurable opportunity were identified:

  1. Sales conversion rate could be increased
  2. Customer experience could be more personalised based on the call type
  3. A number of internal efficiencies could be improved without impacting both sales and customer experience
  4. Compliance numbers must be increased and maintained

After an initial assessment stage, Davies Learning Experiences provided Autoglass with a bespoke quality framework, an interactive themed training programme and a programme for team manager coaching.

The Delivery

We started by overhauling the Quality Framework to create a simple new structure, as well as a detailed guideline as to ‘what great looks like’. This was themed “The Cube” as it had six key component parts:

  1. Compliance
  2. Conversion
  3. Control (Efficiency and AHT)
  4. Customer (CSAT/CES/NPS)
  5. Advisor
  6. Team Leader

The new material was delivered in the following manner:

The Feedback

  • “We are totally committed to continuously improving the quality of service offering to our Customers. The positive feedback and initial results demonstrates why we are working in partnership with Davies Learning Experiences. Their values, quality and delivery completely support the aims of our Business Strategy and it is leading to a step change in performance.” Customer & Digital Director
  • “The new Call Quality Framework, coupled with innovative facilitated learning is a game changer. It enables our advisors to have absolute clarity on expected standards and provides a platform for balanced feedback across all KPI when performing audits.” Call Quality Manager
  • “Progress has been seen immediately. AHT has improved by over 20 seconds and  I’m confident that we will see Compliance, Sales Conversion and Advisor NPS follow suit. Feedback is really positive from all those that have attended The Cube.” Call Centre Operations Manager

The Results

When we look at the results from “The Cube” programme you can see the number speak for themselves:

  • Compliance alignment up 18%
  • Mentioning the Online Portal for Self-Service up 52%
  • Actual Online Portal use by Customers up 22%
  • Product ID questioning improved by 22% (reduced wastage and repeat calls)
  • Accuracy of email address capture up 1.5%

We are most proud of the fact that Autoglass has embedded this content into their new joiner programme and therefore has continued to sustain these metrics with new advisors.

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