Learning Experiences

Skipton - Launching Web Chat

Learning solution average score was 95% based on engagement, relevance and retention.

Provided consistent customer satisfaction scores compared with phone contact customers in the three months following the training.


When Skipton Building Society decided to launch web chat functionality to its customers for the first time, they engaged Davies prior to the “go live” date to ensure their advisors were ready to meet their customer base with consistent tone, language and professionalism.

The Approach

Our approach to programme delivery was to ensure that the chat aligned to Skipton’s ”tone of voice” represented in marketing/brand materials. A number of key questions needed to be answered including:- preferences on emojis, abbreviations and the use of ‘canned’ responses. From the consultation it was also clear that the advisor population was much younger than the average customer. In order bridge this gap, items like spelling, grammar, proof reading and sentence structure were key for the success of this new channel.

The Delivery included:



The Feedback

Quotes from Participants:

  • “Easy to follow and explained with evidence, providing facts and examples of success.”
  • “Enjoyed that we got to look at how other businesses use digital channels for customer service. Liked
    seeing what good looks like and getting hints and tips on what we can do while on WebChat.”
  • “I will now be confident when using WebChat. I have taken a lot from this day. I know how I will be using
    language rather than tone in Chat. When I have seen the system and perfected my ‘paste’ comments I will
    be really confident.”

The Results

Our programme was delivered successfully with delegates who in-turn scored all elements of the sessions from 90-100% satisfaction. The programme designed and delivered by Davies was described as ‘engaging’, ‘informative’ ‘specialised’ ‘relevant’ and ‘memorable’. The next steps for Skipton following this programme were the sustainability of the quality strategy that evaluates the chats and a recruitment process to move telephony advisors into the web chat channel. Davies was able to provide strategic advice on both aspects to support this valued client to continued success.

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