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Bupa Enhanced Operational Leadership - Transforming confidence into competence

4.5/5 managers loved our programme.

Increase in confidence across all seven competency areas.

We created a blended onboarding programme, which would set new starters up for success and achieve higher quality scores, in a shorter period of time.


Our client is a leading private medical insurance group based in the UK that helps people live their lives healthier and happier. They provide a range of medical insurance products through their sales teams across new business, retention, consumer and small to medium enterprises.

After working with us to assess the consumer services and Sales Team Manager (STM) population, we identified an opportunity to further develop the
competencies required of a great STM. We noted:

  • Leaders have varied confidence across the seven competency areas identified to be a great STM.
  • In a heavily regulated environment, the balance between sales and compliance is key and where leaders spend their time is important.
  • Self-development is a challenge with the perceived workload.

The Approach

We believe outputs should be delivered as tailored and specific to the client as possible. To make this happen, Davies Learning Experiences conducted a needs analysis of the existing manager populations in the contact centre environment based on the Assessment Centre’s we ran.

The learning styles and individual needs of the STMs were listened to and balanced against the needs of the business, the leadership perceptions and the regulated nature of the organisation.

From working in collaboration with operations and learning & development, we were able to identify, and then prioritise, a programme of modern leadership development practice and build sustainable skills for their future needs in-house.

The Delivery

  • Developed seven courses in collaboration with STMs that linked to the specific competencies required for the role.
  • Developed a reflective practice approach to help embed the learning and encourage collaborative behaviour change.
  • Created a suite of resources, journals, training materials and detailed notes that allow this training to be repeated in the future with new groups.
  • Collaborated with subject matter experts to create a bespoke leadership development journey that meets the needs of a heavily regulated insurance company in terms of content and values.

The Feedback

“As a new manager, both morning and afternoon sessions have been extremely helpful”

“ It was a really good course and made you think about impacts across the business”

“As a new manager, all workshops have been extremely useful”

“We are going through change right now and I feel more confident having done this course”

The Results

We have seen and captured verbatim examples of learning being put into practice. Across the seven competencies, we have seen a growth in confidence through the self-reflections in more challenging competencies and have built great relationships with leaders across the client group.

4.5/5 Managers loved our development programmes and felt their confidence grow compared to their pre-development reflection.

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