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Davies rebrands Sionic and launches new, multi-sector global Consulting division

Davies has today launched a new, multi-sector global consulting division, part of Davies Global Solutions.

Banking & Markets

Market Assessment for a Software Provider

Evaluating the further market potential for a product

Banking & Markets

How important is choosing the right Client Lifecycle Management Tool?

In today’s competitive business landscape, selecting the right CLM tool is not merely an option but a necessity


Customer Experience

Davies analytics experts assess Prodigal

Does Prodigal's AI-powered analytics solution meet expectations?

Customer Experience

The festive freeze: Maintaining customer outcomes during the busy period

Good customer outcomes are crucial for promoting customer loyalty, building a great reputation for your business, and ensuring you stay ...

Customer Experience

Compassionate customer service: How real-time analytics can power respectful customer journeys

We all want to feel respected by others—especially when you’re reaching out to an organisation about a product or service you have invested in or are considering doing so.

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Customer Experience

Vulnerable Customers Summit 2023

‘Improving support and services for vulnerable customers’

Customer Experience

Building a resilient customer experience for vulnerable customers

The moral, legal and commercial drivers behind creating an improved customer experience (CX)

Customer Experience

Contact Centre Resourcing

Finding balance in your Hybrid Model